The Salt Box

The Salt Box

Cooking and Baking
Unit 9, 238 Berkeley Road
Maroubra, NSW
We celebrate the different mineral salts from around the world, and the taste, health and wellbeing


One of the best things about salt is that there are infinite ways of using salt – in cooking, grilling, BBQing, baking, curing and finishing to name but a few.

We think the best way to consume salt is to stop buying processed, pre-salted food and to cook from scratch (it doesn’t have to be elaborate) and then use good quality salt as it should be used – to add flavour.

Best of all (we think), is when you use salts for finishing … right at the end of cooking. There is nothing better than some truffle salt added to cooked mashed potato, smoked salts sprinkled over cooked salmon or wild porcini salt on a BBQ’d steak. In fact, once you start you probably won’t stop dreaming up the endless flavour combinations.


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